My name is Lauren Baguio and I am a Fashion Marketer. I love to connect the business of fashion with the visual marketing industry. My focus in my field of marketing is visual merchandising. I create stories by merchandising the store with different colours, patterns and textures in a unique and creative way. I generate a vibe, an essence and a welcoming atmosphere in a store that draws a customer’s attention.

What inspires me? The architecture and layout of Anthropologie, the cohesive colour story of Aritzia and the creativity of Top Shop. Each store creates their own atmosphere that attracts different kinds of customers. Visual enthusiasts who have the ability to design and construct a marketing strategy on walls and mid-racks challenge my creative side to collaborate with my strategic side.

My goal is to attract and inspire customers who walk by a store. As a visual merchandiser, I aspire to stimulate everyone’s creative side. I am the creator and director of the first impressions of every guest who walks into a store. I am the mastermind behind all of the visual merchandise.


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